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The Bisou Professional Nail System was born from a sheer passion for the industry and ambition to create the ultimate all-in-one nail product. We have been putting our mark in the beauty industry with our innovative products designed for nail professionals looking to use the very best products that leave clients impressed.

This passion started 10 years ago when Bisou Professional Nail System creators Greta and Rabia both first entered the industry. After meeting four years ago through the workplace, they became instant friends due to not only being dedicated to living life to the fullest and taking chances but also through the shared love of the beauty industry and drive to explore new ideas within it. Greta and Rabia both carry the same creative capabilities, and their strengths complement each other’s, making for a fun and creative partnership.

One of the first of these ideas was to create a nail product that acted as an all-in-one, something that has been lacking for nail professionals. It needed to be high-quality with a wide range of colours, and at a reasonable price too! From this, Greta and Rabia decided to create their own brand to help bring this idea to life.

What was developed is a gel system line that is highly pigmented with a long-lasting formula. It does not shrink and is non-yellowing as well as HEMA-free. This unique formula is made from almost all organic ingredients and pigments.

We also prioritised that only vegan and cruelty-free products are offered!

The Bisou Professional Nail System now boasts over 150 different shades, including glitters and ULTRA shine that lasts for more than three weeks.

This gentle approach to formulating innovative nail products for professionals is what led to the name Bisou, which means ‘kiss’ in French. Our products are as kind and tender as a delicate kiss.

At Bisou, we love a good challenge. You can guarantee that our products will remain up-to-date in the market and that there will always be something new and exciting debuting in the future.

Explore more of what Bisou has to offer through our shop or get in touch with any questions about any of our products and to help you find the products that would suit you and your clients best.